Edamame adds protein to your pasta salad. This edamame pasta salad is a simple summer meal with a hidden protein. Made with only 9 ingredients and takes less than 30 minutes! 

Classic macaroni salad isn't all that horrible for you, but you can make it healthier and more enjoyable with a few tweaks. 

Add some protein. Edamame is an excellent addition for pasta salad because it tastes fantastic cold. 

If purchased frozen, it cooks rapidly in the microwave. It's also an excellent source of plant protein! 

Include even extra protein. Most pasta recipes call for bean-based pasta, which I absolutely love. 

If you're used to the flavor of bean-based pasta, you'll appreciate the increased protein while still feeling like you're eating pasta! I used chickpea rotini in this pasta salad, and it was delicious! 

Make a nutritious dressing. This salad is even simpler since, rather than making a dressing separately, we simply toss a few tasty things into the salad.  

Although the salad is minimally dressed, the acid from the vinegar and lemon juice adds a lot of flavor. There's no need for a calorie-dense, nutrient-poor dressing! 

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