Enchanting Elegance: Eight Exceptional Baby Names Beginning with E 

Eleanor - Meaning "bright, shining one," Eleanor exudes timeless elegance and grace. 

Ethan - With Hebrew origins meaning "strong" or "firm," Ethan evokes qualities of resilience and determination. 

Emmett - Derived from an English surname, Emmett means "universal" or "truth," representing integrity and inclusivity. 

Emma - A classic name of German origin meaning "universal" or "whole," Emma is both sophisticated and enduring. 

Elijah - Derived from Hebrew, Elijah means "Yahweh is God," symbolizing divine strength and guidance. 

Eliza - A charming variation of Elizabeth, Eliza signifies "pledged to God" and carries a sense of loyalty and devotion. 

Evan - With Welsh roots meaning "young warrior" or "God is gracious," Evan embodies courage and compassion. 

Eva - A name of Hebrew origin meaning "life" or "living one," Eva exudes vitality and warmth. 

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