Every ‘Nonsense’ Outro Sabrina Carpenter Performed during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

When Sabrina Carpenter published Emails I Can't Send for the first time in July 2022, no one anticipated that "Nonsense" would become so popular.  

Flashier songs like "Because I Liked a Boy" and "Fast Times" garnered a lot of initial attention. 

But it was "Nonsense" that turned became the set's breakout smash, in large part because to Carpenter's hilarious improvised outros on her worldwide Emails I Can't Send Tour. 

Essentially, Carpenter modifies the outro's lyrics on the spot each time she performs "Nonsense." 

Sometimes she's just honoring the place where she's playing; other times, she's attempting to push the boundaries of her lyrics' suggestiveness. 

"This song catchier than chickenpox is," the original "Nonsense" outro sang. My second sock is probably at your house.  

When I woke up this morning, I had the idea to write a pop hit. How rapidly can you undress? Pop quiz 

Her second career chart entry, "Nonsense," peaked at No. 56 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song also reached the top 10 on Pop Airplay (No. 10).  

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