Ex-Raiders GM Reunites With Derek Carr On Saints: Report

Dave Ziegler quickly regained his footing. The former Las Vegas Raiders general manager was sacked after only a second season, but he never got to see his vision for the franchise realized.

At least one team believes he is still a good talent evaluator and is bringing him in. According to a February 26 X post by CBS Sports' Jonathan Jones, Ziegler has been hired as an advisor to the New Orleans Saints.

According to Jones' article, Zielger's function will be temporary for the next two months while he searches for a full-time job. Mickey Loomis,

the Saints' executive vice president and general manager, is one of the NFL's best general managers, yet the team has not picked a Pro Bowler in the first round since 2017.

Ziegler has most likely already done a lot of research on the 2024 NFL Draft class during his time with the Raiders, so he might provide significant knowledge for the Saints. 

Ziegler wasn't in Las Vegas long enough to know whether he was a good general manager, but taking a step back with the Saints could help him repair his image.

Derek Carr, the Saints' quarterback, may have an opinion on Dave Ziegler joining the team. He was the Raiders' starting quarterback for nine years before Ziegler cut him from the team.

Carr was dissatisfied with how the incident was handled, but she said nothing derogatory about Ziegler.

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