Excessive drinking caused nearly 500 deaths per day during pandemic, CDC say

 The COVID-19 outbreak caused some areas of the nation to close down about four years ago.  

 During a period when most individuals were asked to isolate themselves, there was also a rise in mental health problems, depression, and loneliness.  

 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, both the number of deaths and alcohol use increased over that time. 

 According to a recent CDC estimate, there were about 488 alcohol-related deaths each day in 2020–2021 during the epidemic.  

In addition to mental health conditions, stress, loneliness, and social isolation may have played a role in the rise in alcohol-related deaths ,,,

 during the Covid-19 pandemic," the paper stated.  

 Deaths from excessive alcohol intake have been on the rise for a while.  

 United States, there were 137,927 alcohol-related fatalities between 2016 and 2017.  

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