Fans of "Outlander" are in for a pleasant surprise: a new prequel spoiler. 

We are now one step closer to finding out more about the past of one of the most endearing  ,

characters on television as Outlander is ready to wrap up its narrative. The cast of the prequel Outlander: 

Blood of My Blood was revealed on Instagram, surprising fans ahead of the show's airing of season 7 part 2 and ongoing development on its final season. 

The actors, who play the primary leads of the series, are Jamie Roy, Hermione Corfield, Jeremy Irvine, and Harriet Slater.  

A photo collage of the cast confirmed that the show is officially filming in Scotland.  

"Big news, Outlander family!" the caption opens. "Introducing our amazing leads for the upcoming film Outlander: 

Blood of My Blood, which is currently officially filming in Scotland."Come on, let's extend a hearty fanbase welcome to them!" 

Not only that, but the post from February 5 also revealed a significant spoiler regarding the subject matter of the Outlander prequel.  

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