Find 35 in 9 seconds with this optical illusion visual test. 

Optical illusions are fascinating visual phenomena that fool our senses into seeing things differently than they actually are.  

These alluring illusions take advantage of the brain's attempts to decipher and make sense of visual data, frequently producing fascinating and occasionally bewildering results.

One popular kind is hidden images or patterns, in which components are arranged  ,

with purpose to provide a contrast between what our eyes see and what is actually there.

The trick is to figure out these secret components and, in this particular optical illusion, find the hidden number 35 in just 9 seconds. 

These kind of illusions take advantage of the brain's propensity to infer and fill in the blanks,  

forcing viewers to carefully examine the image in order to identify the hidden numeral.

These illusions are fascinating and a monument to the intricacy of human vision; to navigate them successfully,  

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