Following a critical report, Singapore's minister defends the US envoy.  

A top Singaporean official resorted to social media to defend US Ambassador Jonathan Kaplan   

after an internal monitor in Washington concluded the ambassador had intimidated workers and failed to promote American interests in the city-state.  

Law Minister K Shanmugam said he recently had a "very useful meeting" with Kaplan, making one of the first public statements by a Singaporean official since the State Department's inspector general issued its findings on Friday.   

According to the study, Kaplan "developed poor relationships with some Singaporean ministries," which slowed US operations in the strategically vital Asia-Pacific city-state.  

"Have always found the Ambassador proactive and helpful," the minister said on Facebook. "Based on my dealings with him, I have found that he, like several of his predecessors, has tried to ensure that the relationship between the two countries continues to be strong."

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