Four years ago, Keanu Reeves created a unique John Wick franchise replacement.

For years, Keanu Reeves has been preparing for the John Wick franchise to end and has already developed a completely new television series in its stead.  

Reeves' career has greatly revived in the last ten years thanks to his leading part in the action franchise.  

Thanks to the action lead roles he played in the John Wick films, he has received a great deal of praise.  

Reeves has enjoyed great success with the franchise, which many would argue he would be reluctant to give up.  

But as John Wick dies at the end of John Wick: Chapter 4, it looks like the end is near. 

Though it is only a matter of time until he genuinely retires from playing the hitman, there may already be conversations about how Reeves can rejoin the cast for John Wick 5 and continue to spearhead the franchise.  

When that occurs, it's likely that Reeves will look to join another action franchise to further showcase his skills in that field.  

Although Rainbow Six seems like the ideal John Wick substitute for Keanu Reeves, the actor seems to have other plans.  

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