Gilbert syndrome causes Joey Graziade's eyes to become yellow, according to the 'Bachelor' star. Important facts

Joey Graziadei revealed why his eyes are yellow, solving the enigma for followers. 

 The "The Bachelor" Season 28 star disclosed he has Gilbert syndrome, a mild liver disease that affects eye color.   

He recounted in a Thursday Instagram video that he was diagnosed in high school following a week of illness.   

 He was diagnosed after blood tests, medical visits, and a liver scan. 

My final diagnosis is health. It affects my eye whites. It causes jaundice, making it yellow "Graziadei said.   

 "I want to focus on it more this year  want good health. 

 The 28-year-old tennis coach said he is well and needs to drink more fluids. 

 "It is worse when I have stress or lack of sleep, which happens on a TV show," said he  

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