Glorious Beginnings: Eight Graceful Baby Names Starting with G 

Gabriel - Meaning "God is my strength," Gabriel signifies resilience and divine protection. 

Grace - A virtue name representing elegance, kindness, and divine favor. 

Gavin - Of Welsh origin, Gavin means "white hawk" or "little falcon," symbolizing agility and freedom. 

Gemma - Derived from the Latin word for "gem," Gemma represents preciousness and beauty. 

George - Of Greek origin meaning "farmer" or "earth worker," George embodies humility and industriousness. 

Gianna - Italian in origin, Gianna means "God is gracious," conveying gratitude and blessings. 

Gideon - Hebrew in origin, Gideon means "mighty warrior" or "destroyer," symbolizing strength and courage. 

Genevieve - Derived from French roots, Genevieve means "tribe woman" or "white wave," representing purity and community. 

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