Glorious G Names: Selecting the Perfect Moniker for Your Little One 

Gabriel - Meaning "God is my strength," Gabriel is a classic name with biblical significance. 

Grace - Evoking elegance and charm, Grace symbolizes divine favor and beauty. 

Gavin - Of Celtic origin, Gavin signifies "white hawk" and embodies strength and agility. 

Genevieve - With roots in French and German, Genevieve translates to "woman of the people," reflecting kindness and compassion. 

George - A timeless name, George means "farmer" or "earthworker," representing diligence and resilience. 

Gemma - Derived from the Latin word for "gem" or "precious stone," Gemma conveys uniqueness and brilliance. 

Grant - Meaning "great" or "tall," Grant exudes confidence and stature. 

Gabriella - The feminine form of Gabriel, Gabriella signifies "God is my strength," embodying grace and resilience. 

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