'Goodnight, Odie': Odysseus, the 1st US moon lander since Apollo, shares farewell image after lunar face-plant

 Yesterday, the Odysseus lander turned off its power in preparation for two weeks of lunar darkness. This parting photo might be the last one.  

 Before descending into the lunar darkness, the Odysseus lander transmitted back one last picture from the moon's surface in a "farewell transmission".  

 Within a week of landing, the first American spacecraft to land on the moon in fifty years became silent.  

 The lander, constructed by the Houston-based company Intuitive Machines, became  

 the first American lander to park on the moon since Apollo 17 in 1972 when it reached the lunar south pole on February 22 at 6:23 p.m. EST.  

 Odysseus' voyage wasn't without difficulties, though.  

 After deploying a backup landing laser due to a problem with the primary one,,, 

 the lander broke one of its six legs during landing, sending it tumbling and hitting its head on a boulder.  

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