Green Detox Smoothie

This delightful green detox smoothie contains hydrating fruits and vegetables such as fresh mint, apple, lemon, baby spinach, and a whole heart of romaine. It's purifying and will make you glow from the inside out!  

Everyone appears to reset and resume their health objectives every January. Myself included! I enjoy making goals and intentions for the next year, and they usually include some healthy eating goals. 

Whether you're trying to eat more vegetables, eat better, or simply want a refreshing smoothie for breakfast or snack, this recipe is for you! 

Why smoothies and not juices? I own a juicer and occasionally drink fresh juice, but I prefer smoothies because they still have all of the fiber.  

The fiber adds bulk to the smoothie while also helping to regulate blood sugar levels. 

Smoothies, in particular, are really beneficial when trying to improve your consumption of leafy greens since they allow you to combine a range of green leafy 

vegetables into a single drink - the smoothie recipe I'm providing today has a whole romaine heart and spinach! 

This smoothie is loaded with nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that will hydrate your skin, strengthen your nails, and keep your hair strong and healthy. 

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