Haiti's neighbors expect 'drastic escalation' in bloodshed after jailbreak. 

 Port-au-Prince (Reuters), March 4 As gang fighting in Haiti worsened and many left, Haiti's neighbors   

 strengthened their fortifications and recalled embassy staff on Monday. 

Haiti's de facto government declared a 72-hour state of emergency and enforced midnight curfews  

 On Sunday after armed men freed thousands from prison and a gang leader demanded Prime Minister Ariel Henry's ouster.  

 On Monday, the Dominican Republic, which shares Hispaniola with Haiti and deported tens of thousands of Haitians last year,  

 said its defense minister was touring the border to supervise border fence construction while the president ruled out Haitian refugee camps.  

 Henry was away when violence erupted.   

After Henry traveled to Kenya to negotiate a pact for the African nation to lead an international army to fight the growing gangs, his movements were questioned.  


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