Heaviest pair of black holes ever seen weighs 28 billion times more than the sun

 Generally speaking, galaxies with lighter black hole couples appear to have sufficient mass and stars to rapidly pull the two closer.   

 However, the center galaxy is halted because the binary has purged it of such materials."  

 Found in "fossil galaxies" formed by collisions, two supermassive black holes are so big that they are unable to combine and merge.   

 The finding might clarify why supermassive black hole mergers have never been observed in action, although being predicted theoretically.   

 The elliptical galaxy B2 0402+379 is home to the supermassive black hole system.   

 This is the most enormous black hole pair ever observed, with a combined mass 28 billion times greater than that of the sun.   

 Furthermore, at a distance of only 24 light-years,,,

 the binary components of this system are the nearest in a pair of supermassive black holes.   

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