Here are 19 magnesium-rich foods to incorporate into a healthy diet

 Diet is the primary source of magnesium for the majority of growing adults.  

 Listed below are a few foods that are rich in magnesium.  

 Right now, magnesium is the most popular element. On TikTok and other social media platforms,,,

,,, there is a plethora of discussion (98.3 posts were tagged with the word "magnesium")  

 regarding the daily nutrient and the manner in which it should be consumed.  

 One strategy for preventing a magnesium shortfall is to take magnesium supplements; however, according to,,,

 Mount Sinai, a true magnesium insufficiency is extremely uncommon, particularly in adults who come from healthy backgrounds.   

 The diets of the vast majority of persons in the United States provide them with an adequate quantity of magnesium.  

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