Hillary Scott performs ‘Beautiful Messes’ live on TODAY –  

The camera pans over the bustling set of the TODAY show, filled with excited audience members and the show's hosts, as the stage is set for a special musical performance. 

Host: "Welcome back to the TODAY show, folks! We have a real treat for you this morning. Grammy-winning artist Hillary Scott is here to perform her heartfelt ballad, 'Beautiful Messes.' Let's give her a warm welcome!" 

Applause erupts from the audience as Hillary Scott takes the stage, accompanied by a live band. She stands confidently in the center, her presence commanding attention as she prepares to share her music with the world 

Hillary Scott: [Smiling warmly] "Thank you all so much for having me here today. It's truly an honor to be on the TODAY show. I'm excited to share this song with you all. 'Beautiful Messes' is a special one to me, and I hope it resonates with each and every one of you." 

The band begins to play, setting the stage for Hillary's powerful vocals to take center stage. The melody of "Beautiful Messes" fills the studio, creating an atmosphere of emotion and introspection 

Hillary Scott: [Singing soulfully] "In this life, we're all just broken pieces, / Trying to find our way back home. / We stumble and we fall, but we're still reaching, / For a love that makes us whole. 

As Hillary sings, her voice carries a blend of vulnerability and strength, drawing listeners into the poignant lyrics of the song. The audience watches in captivation, moved by the raw honesty of her performance 

Hillary Scott: [Belting out the chorus] "We're beautiful messes, / Lost souls in search of grace. / We're bruised and we're battered, / But still, we find our place." 

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