Hogwarts Legacy 2 Made Its Bed and Must Sleep in It.  

The success of Hogwarts Legacy in 2023 makes a sequel seem more likely than not.   

It was the highest-selling game of the year and the first non-Call of Duty or Rockstar product to do so in almost a decade  

and sales like that generally call for extra content.   

That content may take the shape of DLC, which it could easily accommodate, but even that may feel like a warm-up act before a complete sequel.  

Hogwarts Legacy had enjoyable fighting systems, a variety of intriguing items, and an open environment brimming with things to do.  

The space's crown jewel was Hogwarts Castle, which could have been a standalone location due to its intricate and multi-layered structure that never became monotonous.   

However, for the sequel, the castle is too large, detailed, and central to remove

therefore the advances from the 2023 game may constrain the next game.  

When Avalanche Software chose to create a game in the Harry Potter franchise about a hundred years before the eponymous boy was born  

it had to be inventive with the name and search for new inspirations.  

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