Hotel California's trial unexpectedly ends after prosecutors withdraw the case over handwritten Eagles lyrics.  

Prosecutors in New York quickly withdrew their criminal case against three individuals suspected of conspiring to possess a cache of hand-written  

"Hotel California" and other Eagles songs in mid-trial on Wednesday.  

Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Aaron Ginandes informed the judge at 10 a.m. that prosecutors would no longer  

"The people concede that dismissal is appropriate in this case," he said.  

The flurry of messages surfaced only after Eagles star Don Henley reportedly chose last week to forgo attorney-client privilege after he and other prosecution witnesses had already testified.   

The defence said that the fresh discoveries presented questions that it had not been able to address.

"Witnesses and their lawyers" utilised attorney-client privilege "to obfuscate and hide information that they believed would be damaging," said Judge Curtis Farber, who dismissed the case.  

The case focused on approximately 100 pages of legal pad pages from the development of a classic rock colossus.  

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