How a 7-day water fast leads to massive weight lo

 The effects of a seven-day water fast on the human body have been revealed by groundbreaking study. 

 Unsurprisingly, the study—which was published on Friday in the journal Nature Metabolism—found that participants lost a significant amount of weight while going without eating. 

 But the body had undergone other notable alterations as well, not all of which were bad. 

 Researchers found that the fast caused whole-body protein level alterations in participants,,,

 which improved the function of various organs, including the brain's supporting structure for neurons.  

 “For the first time, we’re able to see what’s happening on a molecular level across the body when we fast,,,

 ” study author Claudia Langenberg, the director of Queen Mary’s Precision Health University Research Institute, said in a statement.  

 “Our results provide evidence for the health benefits of fasting beyond weight loss, but these were only visible after three days of total caloric restriction.

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