How Each Outlander Season of the Show Matches Up With The Book Series (And What Changes)  

The Outlander series, both books and show, closely align, with each TV season roughly corresponding to a novel. 

Season 7 of Outlander is divided into two parts, adapting the end of book 6, along with books 7 and 8, leading to a series finale in season 8. 

Diana Gabaldon penned the first novel in 1991, with subsequent releases spanning two decades, including spinoffs like novellas and graphic novels. 

The TV adaptation premiered in 2014 and stayed faithful to the source material, with Gabaldon serving as a consultant. 

Season 1 closely mirrors the first book, with minor changes like the timing of Claire's time travel. 

Season 2 adapts "Dragonfly in Amber" closely, but adjusts the flash-forward scene for clarity. 

Season 3 follows "Voyager" closely, with some changes like Murtagh's survival. 

 Season 4 adapts "Drums of Autumn" faithfully, focusing more on Jamie.

Season 5 combines elements from "The Fiery Cross" and "A Breath of Snow and Ashes," introducing deviations like Murtagh's extended storyline. 

Season 6 adapts "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" but leaves some storylines as cliffhangers. 

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