How injured Memphis Grizzlies players like Ja Morant are raising their voices 

Despite numerous setbacks, Jaren Jackson Jr. remains positive about the Memphis Grizzlies' challenges over the past year. 

Jackson sees the opportunities amidst adversity, relishing the chance to expand his game and take on more responsibility. 

He acknowledges the absence of key players due to injuries but remains focused on competing and enjoying the game. 

Jackson appreciates the support and leadership of sidelined teammates like Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and Marcus Smart. 

Morant has taken on a coaching role during his recovery, actively contributing to the team's dynamics despite being sidelined. 

Bane's dedication to training and his leadership qualities are highlighted, making him a significant presence for the team. 

Rookie GG Jackson sees Bane as a leader, emphasizing his vocal presence and willingness to offer constructive criticism. 

Bane's commitment to hard work sets an example for his teammates, particularly the younger players like Santi Aldama. 

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