How one woman's death dragged down an independent abortion clinic  

On any given Saturday morning in 2022,   

the sidewalk in front of the squat building that housed Bronx Abortion changed into a tense ecology of individuals wearing placards, masks, rosaries, and bright vests.  

Anti-abortion activists gathered outside the small, independent clinic in Morris Park, disrupting the ladies who sought its services.   

Chelsea, the clinic escort coordinator, would get up at 4:15 to make it to the clinic before it opened.  

Usually, the demonstrators had already arrived by the time she did.  

Sometimes it was only a few.  

Sometimes it was more than 40. Some people would kneel and recite the rosary, while others would carry posters that said "pray to end abortion" in capital letters.  

Others would block automobile doors or yell from megaphones. Designated "sidewalk counselors" walked in front of patients, attempting to persuade them not to visit the clinic.  

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