How to watch and film the solar eclipse with your phone

 The next solar eclipse won't be like it for 20 years, so don't miss it. 

 The magnificent event is the first U.S. full eclipse since 2017. NASA says the April 8 total solar eclipse will  

 Be greater than the last because the moon will be a couple thousand miles closer to Earth. 

 NASA says it will be the final total solar eclipse until Aug. 23, 2044, and partially viewable in all 48 contiguous states  

As the eclipse crosses Texas and exits Maine, some areas may experience full totality.  

 Carly Stocks, a Utah-based astronomy photographer, told USA TODAY on Friday that the correct solar filte  

 in front of your cellphone camera will safeguard your equipment and eyesight.  

The filter must be constructed for solar viewing, Stocks said. If the eclipse is partially visible, she advises using a filter  

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