In March of 2024, filming for Season 8 will commence in Scotland.

In March 2024, the eighth season of Starz's historical drama "Outlander" is scheduled to begin filming in Scotland.    

The same's pre-production got underway last month. The next episode will be the final season of the show.   

Although the precise date has not yet been revealed, the second half of season 7 will also debut the following year.   

After a flurry of dramatic events, including a battle that leaves Jamie unconscious but not dead,   

Claire and Jamie return to Scotland in the seventh episode's midseason finale.   

Claire is furious that he is engaging in hand-to-hand fighting while ferociously defending him against criminals. As they return to camp,   

Claire's intense anxiety for Jamie's life gives way to relief despite the strain.Major General Benedict Arnold unexpectedly makes a visit,   

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