Intuitive Machines’ first moon lander also broke ground with safer, cheaper rocket-style propulsion

 Today, Intuitive Machines' first lunar lander lost power after seven days.  

 was the first privately produced spacecraft and the first American product to arrive on the moon since 1972,Odysseus' propulsion system will also be noted.  

 This propulsion technology, which combines cryogenic liquid oxygen and liquid methane, could enable new space capabilities and reduce commercial mission risk.  

 No lander has employed these propellants before Intuitive Machines' IM-1 mission.  

 They're utilized in SpaceX's Raptor, Blue Origin's BE-4, and Relativity Space's Aeon R rocket engines.  

 But landers and most spacecraft now use “space storable” or hypergolic propellants like hydrazine or nitrogen tetroxide,,,

 which are hazardous but passively storeable.   

 However, “cryogens” are more efficient, energy-rich, and safer, but they must be actively cooled to very low temperatures. 

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