Is Adam Sandler's Science Fiction Picture "Spaceman" Available on Netflix or in Theaters? 

The Johan Renck-directed space drama “Spaceman” has landed. 

 The latest Sandler film for Netflix is about an astronaut who leaves his estranged wife on Earth and embarks on a months-long voyage into space,  

where he befriends a spider-like alien in his loneliness  

 He expects their chats would resolve his marital troubles.  

 “Spaceman” is based on Jaroslav Kalfař’s novel “Spaceman of Bohemia”. The film was written and directed by Johan Renck (“Chernobyl”).   

 Discover how to watch Sandler's latest and if it's in cinemas. 

 The film “Spaceman” is a drama about astronaut Jakub (Sandler) who finds his  

marriage may not be waiting for him when he returns to Earth after six months of a solitary research trip to the frontier of the solar system.   

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