ISS launch: New US-Russian crew heads to space station – 

 A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying three US and one Russian astronauts launched from Florida for the ISS. 

Crew-8 will be in space for six months. Despite the Ukraine crisis, the US and Russia cooperate well in space. 

 The three men and one lady are in SpaceX's four-times-used capsule. 

One will require growing human organ replicas in low-gravity, which is impossible on Earth. 

NASA's ISS programme manager Joel Montalbano says it will be one of more than 200 science experiments on the mission, which ends in mid-August. 

 The four-person crew launched from Florida's Kennedy Space Center at 22:53 local time  

Saturday's initial launch was canceled due to heavy winds. 

 On Sunday, NASA's live webcast showed the 70m (229 foot) rocket launch into the night sky with clouds of vapour  

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