Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner of Married at First Sight are expecting twins and are "over the moon excited" (exclusive)  

On Monday, the pregnant Married at First Sight alum, 37, announced on her family's YouTube channel that she and husband Doug Hehner are expecting twins

"I've always wanted to be a twin mommy," Otis says exclusively to PEOPLE.   

"My little sister and brother are twins, but my mom said it'd skip my generation and go to my kiddos, so I never expected I'd end up with twins!"  

"After 3+ years of trying, we didn't think we could be any more excited than simply finding out we are finally pregnant again and the pregnancy is healthy," Otis said.   

The two began the video by discussing how "exciting" their "big news" was. The video then shows the pair telling Hehner's mother that they are pregnant.  

The next footage showed Otis coming at Hello My Baby for a 3D ultrasound. 

When the technician started the ultrasound, Otis noticed the two sacs and said, "Are you kidding me?" "Oh my God, are these twins  

The technician responded, "Possibly." She then offered to postpone the appointment and wait for Hehner's arrival.   

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