Jason Kelce Criticized For His Retirement Press Conference Outfit

Jason Kelce has received some criticism on social media for wearing a sleeveless T-shirt to his retirement press conference on Monday afternoon.

The veteran Philadelphia Eagles center announced his retirement on Monday. Kelce will be remembered as one of the best centers in modern NFL history. 

 The future Hall of Famer became upset while addressing his decision.

However, one notable fan on social media took issue with Kelce's retirement press conference attire.

The criticism did not sit well with Philadelphia Eagles supporters.

"Spoken like a man who doesn't get to the gym as much as he should," a member of the public wrote.

"If I had arms like that, I might never wear sleeves again," another enthusiast commented.

"No way, Rico! He enjoys partying and being the cool "look at me" guy, according to another enthusiast.

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