Jason Kelce announces his retirement from the NFL in tear-packed press conference

The iconic Philadelphia Eagles center issued an impassioned 40-minute love letter to football on Monday, announcing his retirement. 

Jason Kelce has made his pro football career decision.  

 After a painful Philadelphia Eagles playoff loss, Kelce, 36, gave a press conference over two months later to announce his retirement. 

Kelce's 40-minute press conference was a love poem to football and a tearful announcement. 

 “Let’s see how long this lasts,” Kelce remarked as he sat down and cried in the media room with reporters, Eagles coach Nick Sirrianni, and his family. 

 The video player above shows the first half of his lengthy retirement statement. Watch the second half below.  

“No Keg videos this year, I have come to a decision and will address it at a press conference this afternoon,” Kelce wrote. 

Last year, the Eagles pranked Kelce by having him drink a beer and announce his retirement from hosting a local radio show instead of the NFL. 

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