Jelly Roll Grants Terminally Ill Fan's 'Dying Wish' Sweetly

We love country music star Jelly Roll even more after he fulfilled a dying fan's dream. 

Thanks to Melissa, Sharon Brown's daughter, and a crew member, Sharon was able to meet the singer of "Need a Favor" recently at one of Jelly Roll's toy drive concerts. 

Melissa told NewsChannel 5 Nashville, "I explained her situation and said her dying wish, her number one on her bucket list, was to meet Jelly Roll." 

Since Jelly Roll's music about conquering adversity has helped her deal with an aneurysm, early-onset dementia, and renal failure, Brown is a major fan of Jelly Roll (actual name: Jason DeFord). 

"She opted not to participate in dialysis," Melissa clarified. "It's a lot for her." 

It's easy to assume that Sharon had a great day finally seeing her musical idol in person. 

"He gave me so many hugs," Sharon recalled when she saw Jelly Roll backstage at his performance. 

"He gave me a sense of being extremely unique. I just looked fifty, he told me!" 

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