Jennifer Garner Says This Hair Repairing Serum ‘Gives You an Entirely New Head of Hair’ 

This hair-repairing serum "gives you an entirely new head of hair," according to Jennifer Garner.  

The actress from Alias recently shared on Instagram how much she loves the brand-new Virtue Labs Damage Reverse Serum. 

She was so excited that she danced around in the video with her hairstylist, Adir Abergel, that she could hardly contain her joy.  

She exclaims, "This is [going to] give you an entirely new head of hair."

We all have damaged hair while we go about. Blow dryers, curling irons, dyeing, chorine, salinity, pollution, UV rays, and life in general all harm our hair.  

The only haircare firm with access to this amazing patented bioidentical protein is Virtue Lab.  

Abergel goes on, "The bioidentical keratin known as Alpha Keratin 60ku is the reason it works so well." 

Because our bodies identify this proprietary substance as being uniquely ours, when it is applied to hair, our cells send it to the areas that require it most, providing the maximum amount of regenerative power. 

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