Kevin Costner shares 1st look at 'Horizon': What to know about the star's passion project, 30 years in the making

Jennifer Lawrence has reflected on a humorous event on the set of her R-rated comedy No Hard Feelings.  

The Hunger Games star plays carefree Uber driver Maddie Barker, who agrees to "date" shy 19-year-old Percy Becker (Andrew Barth Feldman) to break him out of his shell before he leaves for college  

Hired by Percy's parents, Maddie embarks on a mission to convince the teenager to relax, with comically disastrous results.  

Despite being part in strenuous scenes, such as a car scenario in which Feldman had to strip naked while driving, the two actors found time to bond.  

"A lot of the car stuff was part stunt, part us," he acknowledged in an interview with Access Hollywood, adding that he was naked "for three feet" while driving.  

Lawrence reflected on that day on set, noting that she and her co-star were doing something quite dull between shots.  

"My favourite memory from that was while we were shooting that scene, I was helping him buy furniture for his apartment," she went on to say. "And so he was nude and in between we were just on Etsy."  

"It was also a day of us hanging out," Feldman confirmed.  

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