John Wick's Ballerina Spinoff Must Beat Ana De Armas' Best Action Role

Ballerina, Ana De Armas's next John Wick spin-off, will showcase De Armas' action prowess and carry on the John Wick heritage in a fresh and thrilling way. 

But it has a significant obstacle that a prior action film put in place.  

It won't be long until viewers get to witness the A-list actress's Rooney take her own kind of vengeance against a team of exceptionally talented assassins who slaughtered her family when Ballerina opens on June 7, 2024.  

De Armas, who is best recognized for her leading parts in romantic comedies, has the opportunity to assert her versatility as an actress. 

There are several reasons why Ballerina will be successful, but one of the main ones is that the spin-offs will be able to make up for The Continental's disappointing performance, in addition to De Armas's prominent part in the impending vengeance drama. 

Ballerina will also add to the world of John Wick, giving audiences more ideas to debate in the years to come.  

Not only will Ballerina center on a grounded female lead, but De Armas will also do many of her own stunts, carrying on one of the franchise's greatest themes. 

But De Armas' action skills are been demonstrated in another franchise. 

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