Kalen DeBoer Confirms He's Keeping Major Nick Saban Tradition Alive

Kalen DeBoer led his first practice as Alabama's head coach. He's sticking with one staple from Nick Saban's reign. 

Following Monday's first spring practice, DeBoer told reporters that he has followed Saban's fourth-quarter fitness plan. 

The workout routine is designed to help athletes preserve stamina late in games. 

"We kept it pretty consistent with what it has been," DeBoer explained. "The guys, you can tell it's something that they really feel strong about." 

DeBoer praised the intensity from start to finish and said it was critical to carry that momentum from the gym to the football field.

When Saban arrived at Alabama in 2007, he worked with strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran to execute the fourth quarter plan. 

"It's not rocket science. "It's simply hard work," Cochran told Stack in 2018. "Coach Saban wants us to be a speedy, physical, and dominant squad. He wants us to be in better shape than our opponents in the fourth quarter.

 That's how he coaches—constantly focusing on being great in every way—so we have to prepare the players for that." 

After more than a decade at Alabama, Cochran will join former Crimson Tide defensive coordinator Kirby Smart at Georgia in 2020. He helped the Bulldogs win two national championships before resigning last month.

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