Kaley Cuoco claims she doesn't 'need' her husband—and that's OK.

The doctor of Kaley Cuoco is not happy with her. 

The Big Bang Theory star started sharing footage of her one-arm exercises a few weeks after having shoulder surgery following her wedding this summer.  

She sweated and put on a strong warrior face that even an actress couldn't imitate while performing squats and pulling what appears to be a large sled across a parking lot. 

Kaley is a kind, considerate, and radiant blond woman in person. 

She's wearing leggings, a tee, Givenchy slip-ons (she can't bend down to tie shoes while her shoulder heals) and a baseball cap when she greets me cordially in her gorgeous workplace.  

She has water, fruit, veggies, and hummus spread out. She appears robust and well. 

She simply doesn't love the brace she is required to wear, so she occasionally takes it off. 

Not just her doctor is getting annoyed with Kaley's recent exercise videos.  

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