LA animal agency denies claim 800 dogs at risk of being euthanized due to overcrowding

 LA (KABC) -- LA Animal Services denies a viral email that claims 800 canines at its shelters could be euthanized. 

 That claim is false, according to L.A. Animal Services. Los Angeles shelters are no-kill. 

 A volunteer allegedly wrote an email claiming animal shelters are so congested that 800 puppies will be euthanized in four weeks if not adopted. 

The city says shelters only euthanize animals with terminal illnesses. 

 "There's no reason to euthanize hundreds of animals unless your pet or loved one is severely ill and in pain and discomfort,  

 L.A. City Councilmember Kevin de León stated. 

"I would hope that regardless of where you live in the city of L.A  

 if you want a loving pet please go to your local city of L.A. shelter," he stated.  


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