'La La Land' composer, 2019 Golden Globe nominee talks about creating music for 'First Man'

Justin Hurwitz, the composer for the film "La La Land," is no stranger to prestigious awards events. 

Although there was some debate about whether "La La Land" had won an Oscar for best film at the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony, the music categories were clear: Hurwitz was the winner.

 The composer's contribution on the musical picture garnered him Oscars for original song and original score, just a month after he received Golden Globe Awards in the same categories.

Hurwitz is once again a Golden Globe contender, and Sunday, Jan. 6, will determine if the composer wins the prize for best original music - this time for his work on Damien Chazelle's latest film "First Man

" Even though Chazelle's story of the Apollo 11 moon landing is Hurwitz's fourth feature-length movie with his college pal, writing the score was a major — and terrifying — move outside of his comfort zone. 

Before we even started, (Chazelle) stated it had to sound different from what we'd done before," Hurwitz told the Deseret News. "That was a little scary, but also really fun."

The director's challenge prompted Hurwitz to experiment with electronic instruments and music,

which was a significant departure from his prior collaborations with Chazelle, which had focused solely on jazz instruments.

Hurwitz employed only electronic instruments that before the 1969 moon landing, such as the Moog synthesizer and a theremin, to ensure realism.

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