Lainey Wilson shares an update on her father's health.  

Lainey Wilson is one of country music's most rapidly emerging singers right now. She is best known for her #1 songs  

"Things a Man Oughta Know" and "Never Say Never," has two ACM Awards, and will soon feature as a new character named Abby on Yellowstone's fifth season.  

"Due to a family emergency, I'm unable to play this weekend's shows in Maquoketa, IA and Arnold Park, IA," she wrote in an email.  

"I apologise for cancelling at the last minute, but please know that I would not have done so if it were not critical. "Please remember my family in your prayers."  

Janna Wilson Sadler, Lainey's sister, has posted more comprehensive details regarding their father on Facebook.  

Janna stated that he had diabetic ketoacidosis, which is causing a fungus to develop throughout his body.   

Janna provided a further update late on Tuesday (August 2), revealing that their father had undergone another operation, which she described as "extensive."  

The surgeons removed additional dead tissue from their father's sinus cavity. An ophthalmologist also operated on both of his eyes.  

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