Lainey Wilson’s Countryfied Version Of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” Is Better Than The Original

On her YouTube account, the current CMA Entertainer of the Year used to upload versions of old country songs quite frequently;  

nevertheless, the cover that she made of the song "Truth Hurts" by pop sensation Lizzo is actually my favorite of all of them. 

To begin, the song is a complete and utter earworm, and when I say that Lainey's rendition is superior to Lizzo's, 

it is in no way a slight to Lizzo's original, which, upon its rerelease in 2019, became a major number one smash all over the world. 

The song was initially released as a radio single in 2017, but it did not even make it onto the charts. It was written by Melissa Jefferson,  

Eric Frederic, Jesse Saint John, Steven Cheung, and Amina Bogle-Barriteau (yep, it actually took that many people to write it). 

Later in 2019, the song became extremely popular on TikTok, and it was one of the additional tracks that was included on the deluxe  

edition of Lizzo's third studio album, which was released in 2019, and was titled Cuz I Love You. 

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