Lakers Blueprint to Winning Built on Playing Bigger

 The Lakers are again fighting for a playoff spot in one of the win-or-go-home play-in games after three quarters of the season  

After last season's run to the Conference Finals, which began with similarly humble beginnings...

 And a regular season that saw big roster changes at the trade deadline fuel them to that final push, they know the feeling.  

 This season hasn't had the same roster turnover or big hole to climb out of, but the conditions are similar.

 . This next 20 games will determine if they can make the playoffs or finish their season prematurely  

 which is disappointing given their preseason stature as a title contender  

 Thus, as the season winds down, the squad must play their best to win every night and make the run this roster was built for.  

After 60+ games, there is enough data to guide their play to reach their goals.  


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