Lakers star LeBron James had a strong reaction to ESPN's mock draft.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James attacked ESPN's newest 2024 NBA Mock Draft, in which Bronny James' name was removed and is now projected to be taken in 2025.

"Can you please let the kid be a kid and enjoy college basketball? Regardless of what he decides to do, the work and results will speak for themselves.

If you don't know, he doesn't care what a mock draft says; he simply WORKS! "Earned Not Given!" James wrote on X, formerly Twitter, in a now-deleted message.

He said, "And to all the other kids out there trying to be great, just keep your head down, blinders on, and keep grinding. 

These mock drafts are completely irrelevant! I promise you! ONLY THE WORK MATTERS!! "Let's talk real basketball, people!"

ESPN's draft analyst Jonathan Givony appeared on "NBA Today" shortly after the network omitted James' eldest son and explained why.

"The fact of the matter is that Bronny James has not produced like a one-and-done player this season," he remarked.The Lakers superstar's 19-year-old son is only averaging 5.5 points on a terrible 37/28/6 shooting split, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.5 assists.

"That's not a one-shot deal," Givony remarked. "He's been playing Hot potato with his teammates moving the ball left and right really has lacked assertiveness and is missing opportunities to really put himself into the game when they've had injuries and they've needed him to step up and show that he's an NBA player."

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