Lala Kent Responds To Vanderpump Co-Star Tom Sandoval's Hypocritical Comment About Her Past.  

Lala Kent's had enough! The Vanderpump Rules star hit back at her old pal Tom Sandoval for saying Kent was "not real" on the show.   

Kent found this upsetting because he was also cheating on his fiancée, Rachel Leviss, at the time.   

She chastised Sandoval for throwing her under the bus while the Vanderpump Group was on vacation in Tahoe.  

Sandoval mocked Kent, mentioning her previous relationship and accusing her of having "douchey energy."   

The reality star and musician accused Kent of dating her now-ex-fiancé Randell Emmett prior to her divorce from Ambyr Childers being finalised.  

In a candid video, the musician admitted, "I lied about a seven-month relationship."  

"Lala lied for a few years during a six-year relationship," he continued. "We both lied." We both lie. In this case, I believe we can both call it a wash.  

He even accused Kent of not being authentic and honest about her relationship on the reality show at the time, which the latter plainly took exception to.  

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