LIVVY DUNNE discusses why she and Paul Skenes are compatible. 

With the LSU gymnastics team ranked No. 2 in the country, star gymnast Livvy Dunne of the LSU Tigers recently appeared on SportsCenter to talk about the possibility of winning another national championship for LSU.   

The Tigers star, though, had other topics on the agenda.  

In addition, Dunne answered inquiries concerning her connection to Paul Skenes, a former pitcher for LSU baseball. 

The two have been together for a while now, having first gotten together when Skenes was still a student at the esteemed university.  

In the interview, Dunne talked about her life as an MLB pitcher's girlfriend and how well they get along as a team.  

I think we make a great team because he is always really level-headed, which is something I really like about him.

Because I lead such a wild life and am always presented with opportunities.  

I simply believe it's a really nice match because he's really level and I can get emotional sometimes," Dunne remarked.  

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