"Love Tay" instructors are needed for Harvard's Taylor Swift course.

Cambridge - Are you a "Lover" of Taylor Swift? For a brand-new course that will launch in the spring at Harvard University,  

teaching assistants are needed to focus on the legendary singer-songwriter and her influence around the world.  

On Wednesday, course instructor Stephanie Burt posted a request for assistance on X,  

formerly known as Twitter, and encouraged interested Swifties to message her.  

"Our Taylor Swift course at Harvard is so popular that we need additional teaching assistants," Burt wrote on Facebook.  

If you live in the Boston/Providence metro, love Tay, & have *qualifications or experience to teach a writing intensive college course,* my DMs are open.  

Burt went on to say that although Harvard graduate students are given preference for the positions, the university does seek outside help for popular classes.  

It has been reported by The Boston Globe that approximately 300 pupils have enrolled in the course. The English 183ts course is named after it.  

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