Luminous Beginnings: Eight Enchanting Baby Names Starting with L 

Luna - Meaning "moon," this name evokes a sense of celestial beauty and mystery. 

Leo - With roots in Latin, Leo means "lion," symbolizing strength and courage. 

Lily - A delicate and elegant name, Lily represents purity and beauty. 

Lucas - Derived from Latin, Lucas means "light" or "illumination," suggesting wisdom and clarity. 

Layla - Of Arabic origin, Layla signifies "night" or "dark beauty," embodying allure and mystique. 

1. Liam - A Gaelic name meaning "strong-willed warrior," Liam exudes resilience and determination.

Leah - With Hebrew roots, Leah means "weary" or "tired," but it also represents strength and grace. 

Logan - Of Scottish origin, Logan means "little hollow," invoking a sense of peaceful tranquility. 

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