Marvel Theory: Spider-Man 4 Will Launch Two Classic Spider-Man Characters into the MCU.

Spider-Man 4 seems to be the ideal opportunity to introduce some of the most important Spider-Man characters that the MCU has yet to feature.

The focus of the MCU Spider-Man films has so far been divided between the larger Marvel universe and Peter Parker's personal life.

Because the Avengers have forgotten about Spider-Man after Doctor Strange's spell in Spider-Man: No Way Home, he is in an ideal position to go on an expedition unhindered by them.

This has given rise to considerable conjecture that Marvel may feature certain beloved characters, namely Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacy. 

Harry Osborn is Peter's closest friend in numerous Spider-Man adventures. 

Gwen Stacy plays a significant role in Peter Parker's growth in the comics. One of Peter's greatest misfortunes was not being able to save his first wife, Gwen.

It feels like the right time to introduce these significant individuals in Peter's life, especially since Spider-Man from the MCU will ostensibly have to establish new pals in the story of Spider-Man 4.

In addition to bringing beloved characters into the MCU timeline, this will help complete Spider-Man's world by adding more characters who are only found in his stories.

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