Miles McBride: Knicks' 'Hidden Gem' in Stretch Run?

 The New York Knicks' second unit has been a bit of a rollercoaster due to various ailments and transfers.   

 One of those who has been with the team since the beginning could make the difference in a long playoff run.   

 Miles McBride, a backup point guard in his third season in New York, was named to a list of "hidden gems" for each of the NBA's 30 clubs.  

 McBride is well-known for his defence,,,

 but author Grant Hughes lauded him for his offensive progress, with him averaging 10.2 points in nine February games.  

 "The 23-year-old point guard is finally connecting on threes at the rate many expected following his last year at West Virginia,   

 when he hit them at a 41,4 percent clip," Hughes stated.   

 "In addition to hitting 40,0 percent from deep this season, McBride has also improved his two-point finishing with a career-best 68.6 percent at the rim."  

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